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Imports Only Inc. of Warner Robins, GA Engine & Transmission Repair

Sometimes vehicle owners are faced with a decision that can be difficult.

The question you may face is, your engine or transmission has failed or is failing and must be replaced. What do I do?

Purchase a new, re-manufactured or used engine or transmission. The answer must be weighed carefully. We explain all possibilities to our customers as to their merits. Because no answer is a good answer or inexpensive, some of the questions are, what year is it, how many miles on the vehicle, what condition is it in, what is the present value, are you still making payments, how much can you get for the vehicle with a bad engine or transmission? Whomever purchases it will bargain down because they immediately will have to do what you don’t want to do. Trading in for another vehicle will be like giving it away. There is no good answer.

A re-manufactured engine or transmission is the most expensive choice. A salvage yard engine or transmission is considerably less, however, be careful. You frequently get what you pay for. The “cheapest” price should not be the biggest consideration if you elect to solve the problem.

An example of what Imports Only offers is when we purchase a used engine; we shop all around the country for the lowest mileage direct replacement engine for your vehicle. These are usually fully functioning engines that are in vehicles typically involved in accidents not involving the front end of the car. We have many vendors for our engines. An example of what we typically do when replacing with a used engine is we ALWAYS replace timing belts (is so equipped), camshaft and front/rear crankshaft seals, water pumps, spark plugs, thermostats oil and filter change. It is much easier to perform these changes when the engine is out of the car and on an engine stand or hoist. This gives us both you and our shop peace of mind that whenever work is completed you will not have to worry about any problems with that engine for a long while. All our engines (used) come with a 6 month unlimited mileage warranty parts and labor as well as a 12 month 12,000 mile warranty on any new parts we install before we reinstall the engine.

There are corners some may cut in order to save money; we are all for saving money, but Imports Only has to stand behind our warranty. If we cut corners, save you a few bucks and something happens, who are you going to come to rectify the problem? Imports Only wants all our customers satisfied regardless of the hard earned money they spend.

When it comes to vehicle repair, Imports Only Inc. of Warner Robins, GA strives to be the best independent service facility in middle Georgia.